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Queen Street 
G'Day Mate* 
Looking For The Action 
Heaven  (Buxton – Aston)
Slogans & Cliches  (Mace)
When I Was George Orwell's Hairdresser (Eggleton – Buxton)
Another Great Moment (In The History Of Trivia)
Go Go Bananas
Summer Mellow*  (Buxton – Mace)
Ponsonby Medley:  No Rhythm (Roundtree)

City of Pity (Prendergast)

Produced by Keith Dion and Gavin Buxton
*: Prod. by Twink El Toes, Arranged by Gavin Buxton and Keith Dion.
All Songs written by Gavin Buxton unless otherwise stated.

C + P   2007  3:05 AM Music BMI International.

Gavin Buxton: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Alto Saxophone

Keith Dion: Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Chris Watts: Trombone, Tenor and Alto Saxophone
Jay Foulkes: Drums, Percussion
Jannelle Aston: Background Vocals
Sue Thorby: Background Vocals
John Quigley: Drums & Percussion:  # 11 & 7, Bass # 7

Dave Major: Bass Guitar # 11

The Ponsonby DC's CD Sample track

The Ponsonby DCs is an expanded deluxe edition of the first release and also contains the never released follow up to the original hit album – “Everybody’s A DC” from 1988. Also included are extensive liner notes, photos and several bonus tracks of alternate takes and mixes of all the hits. Listen and you’ll probably agree, that The Ponsonby DCs is one of the best NZ Pop albums of all time.

At the end of 2005, Ponsonby DCs leader Gavin Buxton had sent The New Zealand Listener magazine, and Radio New Zealand a CD copy of the album to generate the great reactions and reviews which resulted in the album being chosen as one of the Top 10 Worldwide Releases for 2005 by the New Zealand Listener, and then the subsequent re-release of the album by Ravensbourne Records in the UK and Europe.


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