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​The Robber Barons NEW 2013 CD/DVD is NOW Available!

1: At The Hands of the Robber Barons

2: Reno Nevada (Richard Farina)

3: I know You Just Don't Want Me Anymore

4: Where Were You When I needed You

5: Nowhere Left To Go.

6: It Was All My Fault For Ever Trusting You.

7: Shut Up and Deal

8: Too Big For Your Boots.

9: Hoo Hoo Man

10:  Somebody's Other Woman

11: Nobody Saw It Coming

12: Last Tango in Ponsonby

13: Cemetery

14: I Promise I'll Never Blow It Again

15: What Were They Thinking

16: At The Hands of the Robber Barons - reprise

Diana Mangano:  Lead and Background Vocals

Keith Dion: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass

With Special Guests: Prairie Prince on Drums, Richardo Scales: Piano,

Brad Oregron: Electric Guitar, Robert Pendergast: Acoustic Guitar,

Produced by Keith Dion for 305AM Music C + P 2013

Vocal Arrangements by Diana Mangano

"Reno Nevada...

     and Other Songs of Gambling, Vice and Betrayal"

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CD/DVD $12.50

Includes free US shipping!

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