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01. Beautiful Remains (Dion / Orgeron)

02. Never Born A Man (Dion / Orgeron)

03. Venus Rising ** (Marshall / Dion / Orgeron)

04. Sunspell (Orgeron)

05. Into The Amber (Dion / Orgeron)

06. Strangely Moving (Dion / Orgeron)

07. Safe Harbor ** (Dion / Orgeron)

08. Walk in the Woods (Dion / Orgeron)

09. Lights of Tuscany (Dion / Orgeron / Poindexter)

10. Windfall Land ** (Dion / Orgeron)

11. By Nightfall (Orgeron)

12. River of Sand ** (Dion / Orgeron)


Suggested Tracks: 1, 5, 7, 9, 12

Keith Dion: Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Brad Orgeron: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars,  Keyboards, Percussion

Willy Seekamp: Keyboards, Alto Sax.

Marco Villalobos: Drums, Percussion

Mike Levy: Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Sandy Poindexter:  violin, Viola

With Arthur West: Bass on River of Sand

Stoo Odom: Double Bass on Sunspell

Recorded at: Beast Of Baden. Engineered by Willy Seekamp. Tiny Telephone. Engineered by Aaron Prellwitz. Radical House. Engineered by Carl Stanley. Mastered by Mike Wells Mastering SF, CA. Produced By Keith Dion, Brad Orgeron and Willy Seekamp **


Produced by Keith Dion & Brad Orgeron

Executive Producer Keith Dion for 3:05AM Music

All Lyrics by Brad Orgeron.

Corsica "Sight of the Sun" CD Sample track

A San Francisco based alternative folk rock group formed in 2004 consisting of many talented and well known local players - musicians who have combined for over 25 albums in the last 10 years or so. Based around the compositions of leaders Brad Orgeron and Keith Dion, with friends Willy Seekamp, Marco Villalobos, Mike Levy and Sandy Poindextor finalizing the line up.


With Dion, Seekamp and Villalobos all having backed Noel Redding (bass player in The Jimi Hendrix Experience and member of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame) on several albums and three high profile North American Tours before his unexpected death in 2003, the pedigree and experience level of this versatile group is nearly unmatched at the local level. From the jazz and classical world, violin virtuoso Sandy Poindextor has graced the bands of jazz greats Dizzy Gillespie, John Handy and Avotcja amongst many others. In addition, it was Corsica who played as the opening act of psychedelic folk rock legend Arthur Lee and Love's last ever performances in 2005.


With over two years in the making, "Sight of the Sun" highlights the individual instrumental, lyrical and vocal talents of the band while at the same time showcasing the always song based aesthetic of the group dynamic. Released and promoted by San Francisco based publishing company 3:05 AM Music, it comes as the second half of a joint 2008 dual release with Dion's New Zealand's based classic cult group The Ponsonby DCs' new title "That's What All The Girls Say!”

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