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San Francisco Bay Area musicians Diana Mangano and Keith Dion have teamed up as The Great American Robbers Barons for the release of Reno Nevada and Other Songs of Gambling, Vice and Betrayal. Also included will be a DVD with promotional videos created with film makers Pablo Vazquez, Stephanie Gwyn-Brown and Vivian Vosu -  as well as several from Keith’s past career with Noel Redding from The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Ophelias, 3:05 AM, Corsica and others originally   produced and broadcast by Television New Zealand in the 1980’s.​

The Ponsonby DCs is an expanded deluxe edition of the first release and also contains the never released follow up to the original hit album – “Everybody’s A DC” from 1988. Also included are extensive liner notes, photos and several bonus tracks of alternate takes and mixes of all the hits. Listen and you’ll probably agree, that The Ponsonby DCs is one of the best NZ Pop albums of all time.

The Robber Barons (CD/DVD combo)   $12.50

Corsica "Sight of the Sun" (CD)   $12.50

With Dion, Seekamp and Villalobos all having backed Noel Redding (bass player in The Jimi Hendrix Experience and member of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame) on several albums and three high profile North American Tours before his unexpected death in 2003, the pedigree and experience level of this versatile group is nearly unmatched at the local level. From the jazz and classical world, violin virtuoso Sandy Poindextor has graced the bands of jazz greats Dizzy Gillespie, John Handy and Avotcja amongst many others. In addition, it was Corsica who played as the opening act of psychedelic folk rock legend Arthur Lee and Love's last ever performances in 2005.

The Ponsonby DC's  (CD)   $12.50

305am Music CDStore.

01. At The Hands of the Robber Barons

02. Reno Nevada (Richard Farina)

03. I know You Just Don't Want Me Anymore

04. Where Were You When I needed You

05. Nowhere Left To Go.

06. It Was All My Fault For Ever Trusting You.

07. Shut Up and Deal

08. Too Big For Your Boots.

09. Hoo Hoo Man

10. Somebody's Other Woman

11. Nobody Saw It Coming

12. Last Tango in Ponsonby

13. Cemetery

14. I Promise I'll Never Blow It Again

15. What Were They Thinking

16. At The Hands of the Robber Barons - reprise


01. Beautiful Remains (Dion / Orgeron)

02. Never Born A Man (Dion / Orgeron)

03. Venus Rising ** (Marshall / Dion / Orgeron)

04. Sunspell (Orgeron)

05. Into The Amber (Dion / Orgeron)

06. Strangely Moving (Dion / Orgeron)

07. Safe Harbor ** (Dion / Orgeron)

08. Walk in the Woods (Dion / Orgeron)

09. Lights of Tuscany (Dion / Orgeron / Poindexter)

10. Windfall Land ** (Dion / Orgeron)

11. By Nightfall (Orgeron)

12. River of Sand ** (Dion / Orgeron)


01. Queen Street
02. G'Day Mate*
03. Looking For The Action
04. Heaven (Buxton – Aston)
05. Slogans & Cliches (Mace)
06. Holiday
07. When I Was George Orwell's Hairdresser
08. Another Great Moment (In The History Of Trivia)
09. Go Go Bananas
10. Parachute
11. Summer Mellow* (Buxton – Mace)
12. Ponsonby Medley: No Rhythm (Roundtree)

13. City of Pity (Prendergast)


01. Pluto’s Not A Planet Anymore
02. It’s Too Late
03. Girls !
04. In Control
05. Son of a Street Fighting Man
06. Futurist
07. Kissy Kissy
08. Pink Flamingo 
09. Eat Dirt
10. Television Man
11. Little Baby of Mine
12. Death Doom & Destruction
13. Just Another Kick
14. Cowboy Song
15. Motorbike
16. Ponsonby Waltz


The Ponsonby DC's

"That's What All The Girls Say" (CD)   $12.50

Twenty years after they were last in a studio together, The Ponsonby DC’s have returned with a triumphant collection of their trademark quirky and insightful songs entitled “That’s What all the Girl’s Say”. Kicking off with a secular gospel song that connects the dots between 9/11, the extinction of the dinosaurs, Hurricane Katrina and Pluto’s demotion from planetary status, The Ponsonby DC’s romp through an astonishing array of styles with their customary breezy nonchalance. Who said the second album is difficult? Not to these guys!

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Club Jazz Nouveau was the only San Francisco Bay Area music club owned and operated exclusively by musicians and was in operation in the historic CANNERY Building at Fisherman’s Wharf between 2003-2005. Designed by world renowned artist Daniel Merriam, it was also a Zagat Survey Rated, first class restaurant as well as multi-track recording facility where every single set performed in the club was professionally recorded. The archives of these recordings have remained in the possession of Keith Dion since 2005 and are now getting ready for release, with Ricardo Scales’ The Days of Wine and Jazz Nouveau the initial release.

Ricardo Scales

"The Days of Wine and Jazz Nouveau" (CD)   $12.50​

01. Blue Monk
02. Song For My Father
03. Straight No Chaser
04. Take the “A” Train
05. Take Five
06. A Taste of Honey
07. The Days of Wine and Roses
08. Sugar
09. Tenderly

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This is the first in a series of releases by renowned San Francisco Bay Area virtuoso pianist Ricardo Scales, recorded live at Club Jazz Nouveau, with a number of different backing groups in a variety of


​There was no overdubbing or studio “slight of hand” used in the production of this album.
Just one of the West Coast’s great pianists, backed by the right players with a minimum of, or even no rehearsals. Who was it that said that there are just “two types of music: good or bad”?  This is really good music. Keith Dion,   Producer and General Manager CJN  2003-2005

"A Genuine New Zealand Classic !
 A Revolutionary Local Release !
 An Underground Milestone !
 Pioneering Use of Kiwi Vernacular !
 Like An Antipodean Lou Reed !


In 20 Years This Record Has Never Gone Away,

and is Now Back with 11 Additional Tracks !"
Radio New Zealand Showcase December 2005

At the end of 2005, Ponsonby DCs leader Gavin Buxton had sent The New Zealand Listener magazine, and Radio New Zealand a CD copy of the album to generate the great reactions and reviews which resulted in the album being chosen as one of the Top 10 Worldwide Releases for 2005 by the New Zealand Listener, and then the subsequent re-release of the album by Ravensbourne Records in the UK and Europe.

A great ensemble of singers and songwriters in the Psychedelic –Folk Rock Vein, Corsica members collectively have over 25 officially released albums to their credit over the last 10 years, and are most well know via their work and associations with legendary musicians Noel Redding (From The Jimi Hendrix Experience), Arthur Lee and Love and jazz greats Dizzy Gillespie, John Handy and others.

Well established San Francisco Bay Area musicians Diana Mangano and Keith Dion have teamed up as The Great American Robbers Barons for the release of Reno Nevada and Other Songs of Gambling, Vice and Betrayal. Also included in the release will be a free DVD with promotional videos created with film makers Pablo Vazquez, Stephanie Gwyn-Brown and Vivian Vosu

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