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3:05 AM Music and Films

3:05 AM Music and Films Ltd. is the vehicle for the songwriting publishing, record production and Filmmaking projects by musician and songwriter Keith Dion. Keith has a long career of performance, and recording in New Zealand, San Francisco and London with a variety of artists across several musical genres.

The title 3:05 AM started off as a song written by Keith’s longtime friend – Canadian songwriter Darryl Stapleton, which was produced by Keith for their San Francisco based group The Mitchell Brothers. The title was then used by Keith for his Los Angeles and later San Francisco based group – 3:05 AM – which went on to back legendary Jimi Hendrix Experience bassist Noel Redding on several high profile West Coast and UK Tours Dates.

With all the performances being professionally recorded, this resulted in the UK and European record release Noel Redding and 3:05 AM: West Cork Tuning, which ended up being sub-licensed 5 times around the world, and lead to 3:05 AM (the group) landing their own UK and European record release through Almafame Records Ltd UK.
In addition to his work with Noel Redding, Keith has also produced recordings or worked with Arthur Lee and Love, New Zealand’s critically acclaimed, high profile cult group The Ponsonby DCs, San Francisco based groups The Ophelias (Rough Trade UK) and Corsica before starting the current film and recording project with Diana Mangano and Prairie Prince as The Great American Robber Barons with filmmakers Pablo Vazquez, Stephanie Gwyn-Brown, Vivian Vosu and Jeff Risdon.


Please contact us for more information on these film and recording projects.

​"3:05 AM"  (the song)

Written by Darryl Stapleton. Produced by Keith Dion
Performed by The Mitchell Brothers
Darryl Stapleton: Guitar, Vocals
Keith Dion: 12 String Acoustic Guitar
Mike McNulltey: Bass
Marco Villalobos: Drums
Recorded at Razor's Edge Studios SF CA 1988   C + P 2013 3:05 AM Music

Music from "I Don't Hear Jimmy Page"

Jan's Getting Married

Noel Redding and 3:05 AM: West Cork Tuning
Arthur Lee and Love: Electrically Speaking -  Almfame Records Ltd. UK

The Ophelias and The Ponsonby DCs - Both Self-Titled Original
Album Releases - Strange Weekend Records USA

Canadian Songwriter - Darryl Stapleton

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