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San Francisco Bay Area musicians Diana Mangano and Keith Dion have teamed up as The Great American Robbers Barons for the release of Reno Nevada and Other Songs of Gambling, Vice and Betrayal. Also included will be a DVD with promotional videos created with film makers Pablo Vazquez, Stephanie Gwyn-Brown and Vivian Vosu -  as well as several from Keith’s past career with Noel Redding from The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Ophelias, 3:05 AM, Corsica and others originally   produced and broadcast by Television New Zealand in the 1980’s.

At The Hands of The Robber Barons: An Expose of the blatant criminality coming out of Wall Street - too big to fail, too big to jail ! 

Music video for the release of "At The Hands Of The Robber Barons" - Artist: The Robber Barons -

Featuring Keith Dion and Diana Mangano. 

A Short Film By 3:05 AM Music & Films Ltd. In association with Jay Stokes, C + P 2012  All rights  reserved !

Music: Keith Dion: Lyrics: Keith Dion / Geoff Knoop
Diana Mangano: Lead and Background Vocals
Keith Dion: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Background Vocals

Prairie Prince: Drums   Geoff Knoop: Background vocals
Produced by Keith Dion for 3:05 AM Music Ltd.
Recorded and mixed at Beast of Baden and Get Reel Studios SF CA. Engineered by: Robert Preston and Willy Seekamp

C + P :  3:05 AM Music BMI Intl. 2012

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